From inventory management, to running your online store, even handling your orders from suppliers, it handles everything needed for running an apparel business.

The "All in one package" apparel solution.


Inventory Management System (EC, physical)

Manage both brick and mortar inventor and online store inventory in the same place.


Order Management System

Our order system is under development. Manage orders, invoices, and bills all in one place.

Online store
(shopping cart)

Adding an optimized online shopping cart to your apparel store.

POS app・Sales management

We offer an application with POS and register functionality. Inventory stock is updated in real time.


Warehouse・Logistics System (fulfillment)

We offer the ability to store your inventory in our warehouse, and manage the inventory online. *Warehouse and logistics incurs a separate fee.


We offer cheaper rates for shipping than normal due to partnerships with shipping companies.

Omnichannel Customer Data Management

Customers data for online store and brick and mortar stores are managed in the same place.

Customer Traffic / Marketing support

As an option, we offer marketing support to increase your traffic.

Starting and monthly fee starting from 0 yen. We have everything you need in running an online, and real apparel store.


Basic Plan Information

Inventory management, order system, shopping cart, POS app, shipping, omnichannel data are all included in both the light plan and advanced plan.

Light plan

For customers who want to try the generalized features.

Starting cost, monthly cost: 0 yen

Online store sales fee: 20%

*We only get paid for sales in your online store.


Monthly fee starting at 10,000 yen

Advanced plan

For customers who want something customized

We will provide an estimate to each customer depending on their needs.

  • *Both plans require items such as, a domain, SSL, Mail server, label printer, receipt printer.
  • *Credit card fees, and COD fees are incurred separately.
  • *Regardless of online or offline sales, 1% of sales are awarded to the customer in the form of points, which is charged separely.
  • This amount has been set as of July 2016 and is subject to change at any time.