New Years Greetings

Happy New Year.
How was everyone’s 2016?


2016 was the year zeroichi came into existence. We’ve dived into our forth month since starting in October.
While there were a lot of worries and fears, I discovered that if you take the first step that your world can change entirely.
In order to secure a stable future, my parents used to always tell me “Become a civil servant!”, so I had never given a single thought about starting a company.
Through an amazing series of events, and through the support of many others, I have reached this point.
It is strange how life works. While I’ll continue to reflect and learn, from here on I am only looking forward.


Also in 2017,
I am grateful for the members who continue to work alongside me.
I am grateful for our customers who give me advice.
I will return these feelings through my efforts.


I hope that this turns into an amazing year for everyone.


In order to bring our customers ideals into reality, this year, as usual, we will give it all we have.
Thank you for your support this year as well.


2017/1/1 president